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Cardiovascular Disease and Erectile Dysfunction in Men


If you’re worried that ED might be linked to cardiovascular disease, you may want to discuss the problem with your doctor. He may have dealt with ED before and is familiar with the signs and symptoms. He can also diagnose ED and determine if you have any risk factors for atherosclerosis. Treating these factors can reduce the risk of major vascular events. In addition to addressing erectile dysfunction, you may want to consider having a procedure or surgery to correct the problem.


There are strong associations between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease. Men with erectile dysfunction are at increased risk for coronary artery disease. In a study, men with erectile dysfunction were also more likely to have coronary artery disease. However, the exact cause of the link is unknown. Researchers have not found a conclusive link between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease, but a number of studies have suggested that erectile dysfunction may have an impact on the risk of heart disease.

Although these associations have not been definitively proven, the results are striking. In a study of more than 1,000 men, ED and cardiovascular disease were associated with twice as many deaths as men without ED. According to Dr. Michael J. Blaha, director of the Johns Hopkins CiccaroneCenter for Prevention of Heart Disease, men with ED and cardiovascular disease were twice as likely to experience a major cardiovascular event as men without erectile dysfunction.

Risk factors

A new study has identified a link between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease, as well as the risk of dying from any cause. Researchers conducted a PubMed search through January 2011 to find the studies that investigated the potential link between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease. They identified the study participants and extracted information about exposure and outcome assessments, study design, and participant characteristics. They then assessed the risk of death by evaluating the time to death.

In a meta-analysis of 12 prospective cohort studies, ED was significantly associated with CVD, CAD, and stroke. This increased the risk of cardiovascular mortality and CAD by a significant amount, independently of conventional risk factors. Moreover, men with ED experienced significantly increased risk for CVD, CAD, stroke, and all-cause mortality. These findings indicate that ED is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and is a key factor for erectile dysfunction.


While there are no proven cures for heart disease, treatment for erectile dysfunction in men is available and is a viable option. Erectile dysfunction in men is a common problem among older men and affects 15% of the male population between the ages of 40 to 50. In addition, it is also associated with a significantly higher risk of having a heart attack or bypass surgery. ED is now considered a risk factor for heart disease as much as smoking and family history.

There is a strong link between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease, yet there are few guidelines for screening men for both conditions. Screening for heart disease is expected to prevent more than a million events over 20 years, saving $21 billion. If these screenings were carried out regularly, treating erectile dysfunction with Cenforceand Cenforce 100 would result in savings of another $28 billion. Men with ED are more likely to have a higher risk of developing heart disease than those with no erectile dysfunction, and heart conditions like high blood pressure are also more likely to develop coronary artery disease.

Impact on quality of life

Cardiovascular disease and erectile dysfunction are associated. However, if ED is severe, it may be an early warning sign of atherosclerosis. A recent study linked the incidence of erectile dysfunction with coronary artery disease and the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Other research suggests that ED may be a sentinel marker for CVD and may be an independent predictor of heart attacks and strokes. Although the connection between ED and CVD is still controversial, a large number of studies show a relationship between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular disease.

There is an association between ED and heart disease, and doctors are increasingly seeing men with both conditions. Erectile dysfunction causes a reduced flow of blood to the penis, which leads to reduced erection quality. As a result, ED can significantly affect men’s quality of life and their ability to engage in sexual intercourse. While this connection is not definitive, it should be investigated if erectile dysfunction is associated with a history of heart disease.

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