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Design Your Own Custom Rugs: An Easy Guide


A home is a place close to your heart. It should be beautiful, comfortable and inviting. Your furniture should be elegant, accessories to be unique, and floors coziest. You give attention to the minor details and buy each item with a lot of care and intention. So, you want your place to reflect a comfortable and stylish outlook.

Moreover, you buy classic furniture pieces made on your own. You go for the most exquisite paintings. Also buy accessories and home apparel of the best quality. You make upholstery of your choice, but your trial starts when it comes to the floor. Getting a floor rug that suits your desires and style is hard to find.

Sometimes you get a beautiful carpet but not cozy enough, or sometimes a soft one is not according to your expectations. While you don’t want to go for a slight compromise in the pattern, color, and texture, you consider it hard to get a rug that satisfies your to-be-perfect obsession. But to your surprise, now you can design your very own custom rugs for your dream abode. Many retailers give you the facility to create a rug according to your choice. Now you can easily get that perfect piece for your floor within the comfort of your home by just completing the rug customizing process online. Here is our step-by-step guide to custom-catching your rugs for that beautiful home of your dreams.

The shape of the Rug

In the first step, you choose the shape of the rug. Area rugs are available in a huge range of shapes. To design a perfect rug, look at the room where you want to put it and think about the form that best suits the room and window style and the furniture in the room. If the room is round, square or rectangular, you can go for any shape. But if the room is round or a curved one, it is best to choose an oval or round shape rug. Shape plays a vital role in the interior of a room. The shape of the custom rugs will help to beautify the entire room.

Size of the Rug

The next thing after the shape is to go for a suitable size. Size matters a lot in room design. Also, focus on your rug position; either you want to place it in the center or want a rug for that coffee corner, or you want the room floor fully covered or in search of a small or medium one for layering purposes. Before choosing your rug size, determine your preferences. Then go for the rug size. A tip of interior designers is to measure the room and then choose a rug 16 to 18 inches smaller than the size of the room. If you customize a dining hall rug, make sure the size you select covers the seating area entirely and leave some inches behind the chairs. 

Material of the Rug

After the size and shape, you select rug material. The material should be chosen wisely while keeping the humidity and also your lifestyle in mind. For pets and kids at home, go for an easy-to-clean material. For the inside flooring, wool, cotton, and silk are best, while for kitchen and bathrooms, jute, sisal, or polypropylene is suitable. If you are designing a rug for the outdoors or backyard, go for a thin pile, highly UV resistant, and easy to wash material. Choose the material with care as it plays a vital role in rug design and durability.

Select Color

Select the color that smoothly goes with the room interior. While customizing your rug, choose the backing color of the rug. Choose it according to your room furnishing and interior style. For a more versatile design, go for nude or sea tones, as these colors easily go with any interior style. The colors and shades of your rug should be selected according to the other room furniture and decor.

Select the Pattern

After the size, shape, and color, you select patterns from the samples. Either you want an abstract, a dye able, or a geometric pattern. Choose one according to your taste. Custom rugs are made according to the instructions you provide. It is 100% according to your taste. You select a pattern, and the team works on it, and you get your dream rug at the right time. 

Texture and Piles of the Rug

After going through the early steps, you chose the texture of the rug. The texture is made from animal skin, wool, synthetic fiber, cotton, nylon, and silk. The texture is also woven in various colors, but if you choose jute or seagrass, it is woven in one color. Besides texture, piles are also essential. Whether you want to cover the floor or create a cozy place, piles play the main role in rug style. If you want to add comfort with style, go for thick piles, and if your priority is bringing color and hiding the floor, you can opt for a thin pile rug.

Your Design is to go

After you go through the above process, your design goes handcrafting. The design you create goes to finalizing, and then it is created according to your choice. Every detail in these area rugs,smaller or larger, will be according to your instructions and choice.

Delivery and Installation

The final step is to pay for the customization and crafting fee and get your rug delivered on time within the due date. A custom-made rug brings out the inner artist in you. You create a beautiful piece. 

Summing Up

custom rugs satisfy all your rug-related issues. It saves you from the tension you go through while choosing that perfect floor piece. You keep your preferences at the top, and you don’t have to compromise on a single point. You get a statement rug that perfectly suits your taste and choice. To customize a rug at affordable rates, visit RugKnots. They have every option available for you.

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