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Double Kitchen Bin: Perfect for a Home with Plenty of Space

Double Kitchen Bin

The double kitchen bin is a great option for any home with plenty of space. This double kitchen bin can store twice as many grocery bags, which will make it easier to keep the kitchen clean and organized. The double kitchen bin has two bins that are divided by a narrow divider, so you can sort your trash into recyclables and compostable items before throwing them away.

Why you need a double kitchen bin

You need double compartment waste disposal units for homes with enough space in their kitchens or other areas where they want to separate their rubbish from recycling materials. This will ensure that there is no cross contamination between glass bottles which could contaminate food stuffs later on if it mixes with the wrong type of material when being transferred from one container to another. It also helps prevent rodents getting into garbage containers because they don’t smell the food as quickly.

It can be a good idea to use double-compartment trash bins at home, especially those who have more kitchen space and wants to sort out recyclables from compostable items before throwing them away.

The benefits of a double kitchen bin are

The benefits of a double kitchen bin are numerous.

First: double kitchen bin is a space saver – it holds two full bags of garbage instead of one!

Second: double kitchen bin allows for more flexibility in your home’s design aesthetic because there are many designs to choose from that will work with any décor or color palette.

Third: double kitchen bin is a wonderful choice if you have the space to accommodate it in your home.

Fourth: double kitchen bin will ensure that garbage smells and spills do not spread throughout your home through its double seal system.

Fifth: double kitchen bin’s design makes for easy access and cleaning of both bags so there won’t be any issues with germs or bacteria spreading from one bag to another. This means more peace-of-mind!

What is the best size for your home and family’s needs?

The double kitchen bin is a great solution if you have enough space to fill it. You can use one for recycling and the other for general waste. If your home has limited cupboard capacity, this double kitchen bin doesn’t need out-of-the way storage and will fit easily under most sinks or into standard high cabinets leaving ample room in the rest of your kitchen.

The double bins are available in two sizes – small (external dimensions: H30 x W22cm) and large (H35 x W28 cm). These measurements include the handles so they’re easy to carry around as well as hold plenty of rubbish without taking up too much floor space! Additionally, these double bins come with built-in removable inner buckets, which make them ideal for separating recyclables like plastic, glass and tins. The double kitchen bin also comes with two separate lids that open independently of each other, allowing you to dispose of different types of waste (e.g., food scraps or paper) in one go without mixing items together!

This double kitchen bin is the perfect way to keep your home tidy all year round by recycling as much as possible.

How to care for your new kitchen bins so they last longer?

How to care for your new kitchen bins so they last longer? By taking good care of your double kitchen bin, it will last longer and continue to look like new. There are some simple steps you can take to ensure that they stay in great condition for years:

– Rinse out your double bins after emptying them using cold water; this helps prevent odors from building up inside the bin. If there is any stubborn food waste left at the bottom of the containers use baking soda or vinegar with hot water to help remove it easier.

– Wipe down both sides of each lid before closing so all residues are removed. This prevents smells seeping through when you open them later on!

– When you remove the dual lids, ensure that they are open before lifting them out of your kitchen bin. This prevents food residue from getting caught in between the lid and container.

Why? If any items get stuck inside your double bins or something falls on top of it while it’s closed, lift off both lids to check for anything left behind. You can use a spoon or knife to scrape away stubborn bits of food waste if needed! If there is only moisture at the bottom then wipe down with cold water using paper towels before resealing again. This ensures that no bacteria grows inside which could cause nasty smells when opened next time! After wiping clean simply close both lids together quickly so everything stays clean and put back


After reading this, you may find that a double kitchen bin is the best option for your home. If so, be sure to consider how big it needs to be. And what type of material will work best in your family’s environment before buying one. Once purchased, take care of it by cleaning both sides regularly with soap and water or vinegar diluted 50/50 with water. This should help keep any bacteria from building up on either side of the bin-or anywhere else! For more information about caring for your new bins contact us at customer [email protected] or call 1-800-BINITBOX . We are happy to answer any questions you have about our products as well as offer advice on

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