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Tips for keeping your bones healthy lifetime


As we age, our joints wear out. This can be caused by microtrauma, nutrient deficiency, and frequent microtrauma. Can this be stopped? Orthopedic traumatologists with years of experience are confident that it is possible to keep your bones healthy by getting rid of certain habits. Here are 10 easy tips that will give you a valuable service to your body and your musculoskeletal systems.

Tips To Keep Your Bones Healthy

These are some ways to promote bone health.

Tip 1: Stop drinking tea and coffee

Oxalic acid is found in black tea and coffee in an inorganic form. The acid reacts with calcium during brewing and forms insoluble compounds with it. These complexes are then excreted from your body. 

This is why tea, coffee, or cottage cheese with milk or cottage cheese can contribute to the elimination of this essential element for the joints. Because osteoarthritis is often caused by calcium deficiency, it can be exacerbated.

Tip 2: Say Good-Bye To Alcohol

The bones’ health is severely affected by alcohol consumption. Because alcohol abuse can prevent the body from absorbing calcium, the most important nutrient for bones, it is extremely harmful. 

Alcohol can also make bones weaker and less dense. Alcohol addiction, despite its harmful effects, is becoming a problem among professionals. Many professionals are addicted to their jobs’ competitive nature and weak bones.

They must give up their addiction to strong bones. Special rehabs for professionals provide privacy and high-quality support. These people will have better health, and their bones will be healthier.

Tip 3: Move More

Vitamin D is required to absorb calcium. UV radiation is responsible for about 70% of the vitamin’s production. Include daily walks in the fresh, clean air into your daily routine.

Regular walks are suitable for your bones and keep you young. You can also take Cenforce-100 and Fildena 100 tablets for erectile dysfunction.

Tip 4: Take the alternate meat day

The protein that makes up muscles is essential for their function. They become weaker without it, and the joint burden rises. This can be dangerous not only for those treated for knee arthrosis but also for healthy people. It is not possible to overdo it when using protein products.

Purine builds up in the joints due to excess of these substances in the diet. The kidneys cannot handle the increased load and cannot remove enough uric acid. Two pieces of meat (100-150g) is the optimal amount of protein for joint health. This means you should eat a small amount of fish and an egg every other day. You must also consume 200 ml of milk, kefir, yogurt, and 150 grams of cottage cheese daily.

Tip 5: Include Jellied Meat In Your Diet

Gelatin-containing products also contain chondroitin, glucosamine, and other nutrients essential for forming cartilage tissue and joints. It is recommended to have a small amount of broth or aspic daily, whether on ribs or brisket. There are many jelly recipes. This dish can be difficult to cook, but it is well worth the effort.

Tip 6: Stop Smoking More Often

The body’s calcium metabolism is disrupted by nicotine, and the body’s mineral metabolism can interfere with vitamin D absorption. Cigarettes also have cadmium which can replace calcium in bone tissue. The body retains less calcium if it smokes more cigarettes. It is better to stop smoking for stronger bones and a healthier body.

Tip 7: Cardio According To Your Strengths

If it is reasonable to load the joints, providing normal blood supply, the joints will remain young. This is true for people in good health and those who an orthopedist has seen. Specially designed gymnastics are available for those suffering from arthrosis.

It is worth moving more and squatting 10-15 times per hour during the day. This can overload the joints.

Tip 8: Take a bath with sea salt

Sea salt baths are very beneficial for joints. They contain 0.5kg of salt per bath. This procedure increases blood flow to the joints by strengthening the blood vessels. This helps to normalize metabolic processes. Take sea salt bath 2 days a week.

Tip 9: Maintain a correct posture while working at the computer

Many people could have avoided elbow arthrosis if they hadn’t spent too much time on the computer. When working with the mouse, place your elbows on the table. Any other position will accelerate the aging process of the elbow joint.

Tip 10: Properly Transfer Heavy Objects

It happens all the time that you have to move something heavy. However, very few people try to move in the right direction. Instead, they spread their arms out in amplitude. It is a dangerous approach. The shoulder and elbow joints have eight times more load than the lower back. You need to be more careful when lifting or moving heavy objects.

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