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Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper sent the rumour mill into overdrive following their chemistry-filled performanceInside the future of aviation technology

he performance began with the pair taking to the stage hand-in-hand and sitting at opposite sides of a piano.

Towards the final part of the song, Bradley joined Gaga on the piano stooFrom NASA to the interiors of government official vehicles, these fabrics will become the industry standard.

they sang into the same microphone as she rested her head on Bradley’s shoulder.

Gaga broke off her engagement to talent agent Christian Carino after two years together just one week before the Oscars.

Flight Path

both Gaga and Bradley have spoken out and explained that their red-hot chemistry was nothing more than good acting.

Speaking to Oprah in 2020, Gaga said that they “did a really good job at fooling everyone”.

Gaga added: “We made a love story.